Sewing Tools #1

Nov 29th
Favorite tools

There are some sewing tools that I just can’t do without.  I have my favorites because they do the work I want them to do.  I’d like to introduce you to just a few of my best friends on my sewing table….

Let’s start with the sharp stuff: I’m a big fan of Gingher scissors and shears. I am very persnickety when it comes to having sharp scissors to work with, and my Ginghers have never failed me. I use a pair of Dressmaker Shears and Embroidery Scissors. Never, never, NEVER, let your good shears cut paper, and always treat them with great respect on the cutting table. I keep the Embroidery Scissors on a lanyard around my neck while sewing so that I don’t have to dig around when it is time to clip a thread.  My Ginghers cut very straight and never give me grief. I use Fiskars Softgrip pinking shears for cutting cotton fabrics and cutting around curves. This pair with the orange handles is very ergonomic for my hands.  When buying scissors and shears, select a quality brand like Gingher or Fiskars.  Before buying (because they can be expensive), use a friend’s pair for a day or try out a pair in the store so that you can see if the handles and general feel are good for you.

Ball point pins are my favorite type of pin, but even if they are not ball points, I still like pins that have bead heads or something that helps me handle them (rather than the flat head of a standard pin).  I have a pin cuff that I wear around my wrist when pinning a pattern.  Actually, I have a couple of these, some of which are magnetized. Chopsticks are very useful for turning and for making corners just right, and in the photo you can see two types: one with a pointy end and another with a square end.  I use both depending on the job to be done.

Choosing the right sewing tools can make the difference between a frustrating day and a pleasurable day sewing.

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