Sewing Machine Series: Kemore Model 1430 158.14301

Dec 1st

Our Sewing Machine Series profiles some of the machines “in the family.”

In 1974 when I was 15 years old, my parents gave me a Kenmore Model 1430 158.14301. This little machine has certainly sewed miles and miles and miles! It sews basic stitches and makes buttonholes using a cam attachment.  I can’t say exactly that I learned to sew on Kenmore; Mother actually taught me on her Singer Golden Touch and Sew.

When I got fairly proficient on basic stitches on her machine (translation: did not sew my fingers), my new Kenmore 1430 was used to sew lots of wild 1970s colors and fabrics.  As I grew, so did my projects. Years later, my own daughter started sewing and she sews with my Kenmore 1430 now.

I really miss my old Kenmore! This week, Daughter brought it over to do some sewing and visions of those 1970s fabrics started swirling around in my head, along with the baby clothes that followed!

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