Mar 8th
Ladybugs & Daisies Bday Litter

Granddaughter is turning 1! So – we are having a birthday party next weekend with a LADYBUGS & DAISIES theme! We are busily crafting our way to the party this week. Today, we made table litter. We used snips from the invitations printed on card stock and cut into circles. These will be so sweet littered on the tables under mason jars with daisies. We will also glue some of the ladybugs to the daisies! If you have daisies you have to have ladybugs!

The party is at a local pizza place and our guests will enjoy pizza and LADYBUGS & DAISIES themed cupcakes. I can’t wait to watch Granddaughter sEaMcRaZy destroy her Smash Cake!

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