LADYBUGS & DAISIES Tutu and Hair Bow

Mar 11th
Ladybugs & Daises Tutu and Hair Bow

Granddaughter is turning 1! So – we are having a birthday party next weekend with a LADYBUGS & DAISIES theme! We are busily crafting our way to the party this week.

Tonight I finished a red and black tutu and a hair bow for our little bug! I made a hair bow but since our little bug doesn’t have much hair…the bow will attach to a red sequined elastic headband. We chose a ribbon that has black dots on a red background on one side, and red dots on a back background on the other. Very cool!

I used black tulle, black nylon net, and red tulle for the tutu. I cut strips and wrap-tied them onto a piece of black elastic. The tulle looks very dainty and the nylon net makes it all stand out very nicely. When I cut the fabric, I started out with strips that were way too long and ended up re-doing a good part of the tutu. Our little bug is just a LITTLE bug and so this shortened tutu should be about right. I alternated between the three fabrics to give it some depth – black tulle, black net, red tulle, black tulle, black net, red tulle, etc.

Leftover tulle, net, and ribbon became a hair bow. We bought the sequinned elastic band at Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite places to get lost in). I made sure that the tulle and net stick up from under the ribbon. At Hobby Lobby, we also bought some black leggings and a t-top, but we are not sure if she will wear those or something else under the tutu.

Granddaughter lives in another state and we can’t wait to go see her and let her try on her new tutu and hair bow!

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