Easy DIY Fabric Pin

Mar 1st
DIY Fabric Pin

I sewed a blouse set using some knit red and butterfly/flower material that I picked up at Hancock’s. The red made a cute shell and the butterfly/flower material looks great with black pants. Before I wore my new blouse set for the first time, I went through my jewelry drawer to see if I could find something that matched well. Nothing really captured my eye…so I decided to make a DIY Fabric pin!

Here’s how I did my DIY Fabric Pin: Using pinking sheers and fabric scraps, I cut out 5 petals of red and 5 of butterfly/flower material. I covered a 1-1/2″ Dritz Half Ball Cover Button in red. Then, I sewed the petals in a circle and sewed the covered button on top. Fabric glue came next, with a small circle cut from red material to cover the sewing underneath. A safety pin through the small circle holds it in place on my blouse. The DIY Fabric Pin took about 15 minutes to do and turned out so cute. What do you think?

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