Mother/Daughter Christmas Aprons

Jan 5th

Here we are in our Mother/Daughter Christmas Aprons after a long day of COOKING. We used a smock pattern and contrasted the colors rather than make them identical.  The front panel at the waist is really a pocket, and we used Velcro at the neck in the back. Mother can put hers on and take it off because of the Velcro. I think our Mother/Daughter Christmas Aprons turned out great!

We had so much fun making the Aprons that we have decided to make Christmas Aprons every year. So if you are a-cookin’ at my house on Christmas – plan to make an Apron! Hopefully, next year Daughter Amanda and Granddaughter will be making Mother/Daughter Christmas Aprons as well.  🙂

The Holidays are a time for reflection and thinking about family. The last few years have been difficult for our family because of illness and my Father’s passing. But through it all, we have held onto one another. Mother and I have spent a lot more time together, sewing, shopping, cooking, and just talking. It is good to see her smile and laugh. Doesn’t she look beautiful in her new apron? Creativity really does mend the soul…

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