Our Abbey Bags

Mar 1st
Our Abbey Bags

We decided on using primary colors in polka-dots for our new Sewing Room. For each of our machines, we are sewing matching Table Aprons and Abbey Bags. The polka-dot materials are anchors to our patchwork-quilt theme. So far, we’ve completed “Blue,” “Black,” and “Red” Abbey Bags with plans to make “Green,” “Yellow,” and “Orange.” We’re pretty certain we will be sewing more than six of these….

I just love how they turned out! Of course, “Red” is sEaMcRaZy Edna’s favorite (she just LOVES RED) and my fave is “Blue.” Each thread scrap bag is anchored by a flower pincushion at the top. If you look closely, you can see a little pocket which is the perfect size for our little snipping scissors. And seam rippers, which get a lot of mileage at my house.

We used ground walnut shells for the pincushion stuffing. Honestly, it took me several tries to get the shape just right. At first, I had filled them too much and they looked like footballs. Next, I got them rounder and they looked like softballs. Not cute. At all. There is this little trick to getting them round-ish and flat-ish to look right. I think I finally got the shape right:


These little cuties sit right beside our sewing machines. They don’t fall off because of the weight of the pincushions with ground walnut shells inside, plus they have a circle of vinyl shelf cover underneath them. I literally took some liner out of one of my kitchen cabinets, cut it up, and glued it to the bottoms!

I confess we are terribly messy seamstresses…putting pins down wherever we happen to take them out of the fabric. So there is this little pile of pins beside every machine. Now, we have our cute little Abbey Bags pincushions for our pins. These are great little additions to our sewing tables!

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